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About Coquet Radio

Launching Live August 2020! – You can tune into our online TestCast’s in the meantime.

Thank You for visiting Amble FM – Coquet Radio online and on 101.3FM…

Long Story Short

We are an amature community radio station currently running a live studio from home 24/7. We aim to bring the community together and broadcast for our locals by our locals. Our presenters can broadcast from home to our FM repeater and we can cover local events using mobile equipment.

We operate from Amble NE65 Area and surrounding areas such as Ellington, Warkworth and Hadston… We provide broadcasting from our home studio and our DJ’s homes using internet connections and transmit over 101.3 FM.

We are always looknig for members of the community to get involved and will have a full commity setup for the daily runnings of our station.

We aim to provide low cost & affordable advertising for smaller local business listeners on our websites, live on air and online. We already welcome the Sandbar (Amble) and Alnwick lettings on board with our advertising systems helping sponsor and support Amble FM.

We aim to put back into our community with sharing, new jobs,  events, fund raisers and promotional events.

The Team

All the team at Coquet Radio are volunteers and dont get paid, offcourse we will have team nights out and treats and the odd cream cake left for the DJ at the studio but our team work hard in there own time so please have the upmost respect for our community and DJ’s when they are online… They may make mistakes, they may forget to play your request but please bare with us!